Sun jewelry was established in 1952. Our company which started its activities in 1980 in Samsun in the light of market requirements and technological developments, started its production activities by establishing the first bracelet manufacturing workshop of the Black Sea region in 1986 in order to fulfill the demands of its customers in the best way, competitive and innovative manner.

As a result of blending the past process and new developments with more than 50 years of experience, it has become a brand by creating the Amisos brand in 2009 in order to meet customer demands in the most efficient way and to create a new ring of continuous development. It has expanded its activities in the domestic market throughout the country as well as the local market in Samsun. In doing so, it has continuously improved itself to provide its customers with quality products and services in the most effective way.

In order to meet the domestic market demands and provide services in the world market, in addition to the retail and wholesale services and the current product range of Güneş Kuyumculuk, in 2015, Elis brought the Italian design and fashion sense to its products. For this purpose, the Company has completely set up its new production facility in Kuyumcukent, Istanbul.

Today, at the point reached, it presents hundreds of stylish and original products that are prepared in all product groups that it produces, to all customers.

With its advanced sales and after-sales activities, customer-oriented working principle and advanced guarantee system, Güneş Kuyumculuk will continue to offer the quality and aesthetics they desire to all customers and business partners.

Quality: Our product is based on quality and quality of our services. Our priority is not only to produce quality products and services, but also to improve and improve this quality.

Confidence: We work for all our customers and business partners to perceive our name as a symbol of trust.

Respect: We respect our customers, business partners and employees. Good faith, trust and respect are our most important criteria in all our relationships.

Pioneering: We have adopted the principle of being a pioneer in everything we produce and developing ourselves.